Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls, Witch Doctor Build – Running Torment 4

Ok so after everyone begging me I made this video of my Witch Doctor. I was a really bad lvl 60 witch doctor and I really struggled with dps. When I was leveling from 60 – 70 I tried all kinds of different builds but nothing worked… My primary attack was the fire bomb which bounces to more targets. I played on T1 but it took forever to kill stuff and if I found a treasure goblin…. I just let it be and saved myself the disappointment of trying to kill it and letting it get away.

So then I hit 70, got some gear, was on about 600k dps and still couldn’t kill anything…. Searched for a bunch of vids on Witch Doctor builds but nothing really worked for me. I really do not want to be a glass cannon! I tried the zookeeper build but finding the Zuni set was impossible or the helmet….  \

So back to the drawing board, watch my video to see how I run through Torment 4, what my skills are and my gear.

Feel free to tell me what build are working for you and any recommendations you may have, yes this is my first video on a how to guide and hopefully allot more will follow.

Need some help in-game or looking for a friendly clan? Feel free to add me MooNLoRD#2344

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