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Rebeltech Hardware specials

Rebeltech is a small online hardware shop based in Fourways north that has a few good specials for peeps who is looking to upgrade their systems or for LTC miners, beginners or veterans.

Rebeltech delivers and you can collect the only down part it’s not an walk in store and the only method of payment they accept at the moment is EFT, however credit card payment online or in store are in the pipeline for the near future.

Here are some of the specials that really stood out, you can always go and check them out yourself at   http://www.rebeltech.co.za

Special number 1

Gigabyte R9-280x 3GB OC for only R4,849


This is an amazing card for gaming and even a better card for mining if you are into gpu mining either way it will serve you well

Special number 2

Sapphire TRI-X R9-290 OC Edition, 4GB 512bit for only R6,488


If you are looking for that edge in gaming performance this will be perfect for you

Special number 3

Crucial M500 240GB, 2.5″ SSD, Read: 500MB/s, Write: 250MB for only R1,850


It is a bit slow on the write speed in my opinion but a very good read speed that will shorten loading times on programs and games, overall it’s a good buy.


Special number 4

ASRock H81 PRO BTC + ASROCK BTC PRO Kit + 2x GIGABYTE R9-280X for only R11,366



This special is aimed at miners, beginners or veterans its good price to start out or to increase your hash rate. This package includes 2 amazing mining cards most probably the best price versus hash-rate card you can buy, it also includes the ASRock h81 pro BTC mobo that is designed for mining rigs and can support up to 6 GPU’s, the last thing this package includes are PCI risers, these are essential for mining rigs they allow you to space your GPU’s so that they don’t overheat. I will add a post on how to build a mining rig and a post that will explain the digital coin currency to you


All image’s and links are found at  http://www.rebeltech.co.za

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