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Asus Rumored to be Crafting Insane Dual-Hawaii Ares III Card

A couple of months ago, we heard first word of the R9 290X-X2, but at that time it was nothing more than a simple report stating that AMD was planning on making a dual-Hawaii XT graphics card. According to a new report from VR-Zone, that rumor is still standing. Next to this, the sometimes questionable website has stated that Asus is building the Ares III graphics card, which would feature — you guessed it — two of the GPUs found on the AMD Radeon R9 290X.

That Asus would be building such a graphics card isn’t particularly surprising; in fact, it was just a matter of time. Whether it is actually happening is still questionable, but it shouldn’t be all too surprising.

The Ares II was a graphics card that carried two of the GPUs found on the Radeon HD 7970 graphics card from AMD. It was a hybrid-cooled graphics card, which was cooled by both air and water. VR-Zone has stated that cooling for the card remains uncertain, though the PCB design will be largely the same.

Of course, the card will also be carrying 8 GB of GDDR5 memory, though that will still be 4 GB per GPU.

There was no word on what either AMD’s reference solution or Asus’ Ares III cards would cost, though the report did indicate that Asus will be showing off its solution at the Computex show, from June 3 through June 7, 2014.





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